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How To Backup Bookmarks

How you backup bookmarks will depend on the web browers you're using or social network.

Backup Bookmarks

(Internet Explorer - IE)
To Backup Bookmarks in Internet Explorer: click on File on the IE bar menu and select "Import and Export". If you want to backup bookmarks click Next and click on Export favorites and select Next. Select the folder where you wish to backup bookmarks. Highlight the Favorites folder and click Next. Then select where you want to save the bookmarks.

To import backup bookmarks follow the instructions above and select Import Favorites and click Next. Then find the folder where you saved your backup bookmarks and click on it.

Backup Bookmarks

(Mozilla Firefox)
To Backup Bookmarks in Firefox: On the firefox bar click on Bookmarks and then select Organize Bookmarks. Click on Export HTML (if you wish to backup bookmarks as HTML files) or click on Import and Backup to save them as .json files and then click on "Backup". It's best to export as HTML files because you can import them into any web browser.

To import Backup Bookmarks follow the instructions above and slect "Import" and follow import wizard.

How to Backup Bookmarks on Firefox

Listed here are tips on how to backup bookmarks on firefox. How to backup Backup Bookmarks on Firebox To Backup Bookmarks Firefox on the Firebox menu bar go to "Bookmarks", then go to "Organize Bookmarks" to open your bookmarks manager. Once you are in it click on top button "Import and Backup". Select "Backup" and when the "save as" box opens select the location where you want to save the bookmarks. Save your bookmarks as .json file. You can backup bookmarks as HTML files by going to "Import and Backup" and select "Export HTML".

Backup Bookmarks on Firefox

Firebox already backups bookmarks automatically. You can find saved bookmarks in your Firefox profile folder which will be named "bookmarkbackups". When you want to import the bookmarks just follow the steps above and when you click on the button "Import and Backup" you will select "Import" and then find the folder where your bookmarks are and select it.

How to Backup Bookmarks on Chrome

Watch this video on how to backup bookmarks on chrome.

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